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  • PERFECT INTERNATIONAL Co. Ltd is one of the leading automobile trading company in Japan
  • Face lift NEW AXIO. This model produce with HYBRID version too.
  • Nissan Juke four levels are specified. The RX and RS models are equipped with the HR15DE I4 engine, while the MR16DDT is supplied for the 16GT and 16GT FOUR.
  • New Nissan March model went on sale in July 13, 2010. Early models include 1.2L 3-cylinder HR12DE engine, Xtronic CVT with an auxiliary two-speed transmission, Idling Stop (standard on 12X and 12G)
  • Honda FIT two engines (1.3 i-DSI and 1.5 VTEC) were offered, each with a number of trim lines ranging from the basic "Y" to the sporty "S". The 1.3 L i-DSI was available with only the regular CVT automatic.
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